Singin’ “All My Hope is in Jesus”

Originally published by Church on Morgan, Daily Rhythm Reflection, Nov. 14, 2017

When I set out to write about a hymn this week I had a different song in mind… but then Sunday happened; and I can’t stop singing, “All My Hope is in Jesus.” (Thank you Zach Wiley & Friends!) And I realized that’s really the point. Songs are meant to lift our hearts and minds from our mundane daily lives to heavenly things.

Sometimes I find that God uses song to focus my attention on something. For example, I recently found myself singing “You can never outrun my love,” while I was thinking of how sweetly God had blessed by son, reconnecting him to a beloved childhood friend just when he was feeling homesick. It wasn’t until I became aware that I was even singing the tune that the message rang clear.

This week, incessantly singing “all my hope is in Jesus” has created a prism through which the obstacles and stressors in my path are refracted. How do these things look if I believe and seek to live the words on my lips?

Finally, when I get stuck on a song like I am right now, I drive down the road with the volume high (to mask my voice) and allow myself to be filled with praise for our very good God – a God who loves me enough to make me free and forgiven and ensure I’m not going back and that I’ll never be the same.

And that’s why:
All my hope is in Jesus
Thank God that yesterday’s gone
All my sins are forgiven
And I’ve been washed by the blood 

Oh, go ahead and sing along; resistance is futile.

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