Jesus Take the Wheel

My heart overflowed with humble gratitude as we stood in a circle with two kind strangers who offered thanksgiving for God's goodness and provision toward these young lives. Yet even in that moment another thought tugged at my heart: "If this saving act was from God then what does that mean for the kids just like mine who die in similar scenarios every day?"

An Open Letter to Daughters-in-Law: Take a Page from Ruth and Naomi


(Originally written as a gift to my mother-in-law for Mother's Day 2001) Today I am one of you, a daughter-in-law, but tomorrow I will be one of them...a mother-in-law. As the mother of two sons, I encourage you this Mother's Day to make a decision to love your mother-in-law. Through 10 years of marriage it was …

I am a Runner…for an Everlasting Crown

  I am a runner. Even though I have run 12-20 miles a week for more than seven years, including many races, I don't refer to myself as a runner. I've recently given some thought to this reticence: 1. I don't consider myself good enough to be a runner. Runners are faster than I am, …