New Book

childhood sexual abuse

Denial is my first book. You can order a signed copy from my website:

Denial is a fictional story inspired by true events that follows the saga of David Wagner from victim of childhood sexual abuse to millionaire entrepreneur. The story focuses on how denial of his past abuse leads him into a secretive and dangerous double life. More broadly this is the story of the weight and cost of the secrets that we all keep.

Wagner is typical of many sexual abuse survivors who want only to distance themselves from their past abuse and move on with their lives. And, his experiences will help readers understand such wounds do not heal with time alone.

If secrets make you sick then childhood sexual abuse is among the most lethal secrets in our world today. With more than 60 million survivors in the U.S. and an estimated one in 10 young people who are abused by age 18, you or someone you love can be helped by this story and its mission to help survivors end their silence and reclaim their lives.

All profits from the sale of the book will benefit organizations that support the recovery of adult survivors.