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childhood sexual abuse

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Denial was just named a Gold Medal Winner for Best eBook in the 2018 Illumination Book Awards, Shining a light on exemplary Christian books.


Denial was a finalist among more than 2,000 nominated titles by the Best Book Awards in two categories: Best New Fiction and Health: Addiction & Recovery, and a finalist for the Henri Award for Fiction with The Christian Literary Awards. It also has been Underground Certified by Underground Book Reviews.

Based on a true story Denial follows one man’s life lived in denial of childhood sexual abuse and how that denial leads the main character into a secret, dangerous double life.

Denial helps readers gain an appreciation for why so many victims suffer in silence, why they struggle to make connections from their abuse to its ripple effects in their adult lives, and the urgent need to change these paradigms and encourage survivors to speak their truths and be received with support and love.

If secrets make you sick then childhood sexual abuse is among the most lethal secrets in our world today. With more than 60 million adult survivors in the U.S., and an estimated one in 10 young people who will be abused by age 18, you or someone you love has likely been touched by this tragedy.

This book is intended to embolden survivors to end their silence and reclaim their lives.

All profits from the sale of Denial will benefit organizations that support recovery for adult survivors.