Beauty Beyond Measure

Riding the ferry from Cadenabbia toward Bellaggio on Lake Como, Italy, I found myself searching for words to describe the beauty before me.

The backdrop of the Alps, the steel gray lake and the red-roofed Mediterranean-styled homes splattering the landscape morphed together into something greater than the parts, a feast for the eyes and senses that did not lose its breath-taking extravagance over time.

To the contrary, each day seemed to renew and revitalize the beauty. To turn a corner was to discover a fresh, new panorama. Lake Como seems to have been created simply to be contemplated. Revered. Enjoyed.

When we returned home and opened the book of Ephesians as my summer study and felt as if I was entering a similar scene for my heart, led by Paul, who — confronted by the extravagance of God’s grace and mercy — pours out adjectives in a futile attempt to capture the lavish beauty of God’s love for us.

I combined images of Lake Como with Paul’s words as a gift for you.

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