Our Daily Rhythm #1

Reprinted from Church on Morgan’s “The Daily,” Dec. 12, 2016


Hello Friends,

If your quiet time with the Lord often begins with prayer, but ends with your grocery list this letter is for you.

I recently adopted two new disciplines in my prayer life that are helping me remain mindful from my “Good morning, Lord” to my final “Amen,” and I would love to share them with you in hopes that you may be similarly blessed: I speak out loud to God on my daily walks, and I journal my prayers.

When my body is still my mind is not, yet when my body is moving my mind can become quite still. My awareness of God’s majesty is most keen out in the midst of His creation. The beauty of the Carolina blue sky, the clouds, the trees, proclaim God’s glory, and I can’t help but praise and thank Him. “I tell you if they keep quiet the very rocks will shout.” (Luke 19:40) I am learning that as I vocalize my prayers they feel more like a conversation, and I’m less likely to wander off topic. (And who really cares if the neighbors think I’m crazy?)

Even more powerful, however, is what I’ve discovered by writing my prayers. I begin by recording the date and then writing down my petitions. I pray them out loud as I read them back. As I have been faithful to do this several amazing things have happened:

1.My prayers are more specific and thus more powerful, I believe.

2.As I read back over them again and again I see how God is answering them. As I do, I mark down the date and how I have seen Him move.

3.This habit offers a great way to witness to those I am praying for. It is powerful to be able to say, “I wrote this prayer for you and look at how God was faithful to respond!”

I hope either or both of these disciplines offer a way to enhance your own walk with the Lord!
Nanette Kirsch

Each week’s email will be written by someone in our community and provide a few thoughts, insights, or experiences that have come from their own morning, meal time, and evening practices. If you would like to learn more about our “Shared Rhythm” you can read about it online or pick up a set of our “Daily Rhythm Cards” at Church on Morgan.

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