Of Babies and Baby Cows

A recent piece I wrote published by The Christian Post

One of my childhood babysitters was the daughter of a dairy farmer. I have fond memories of visiting her parents’ farm and learning how to milk cows. I don’t think there is a much cuter baby in this world than a baby cow, gazing vulnerably out at the world through its oversized eyes and long eyelashes. And that’s why I was so saddened by headlines like these yesterday…Read more.

2 thoughts on “Of Babies and Baby Cows

  1. Nanette, the only reason there are more than a few people standing up for animal rights is to cover the evil in their hearts. I think that none of these evil, hard-hearted people are aware of what the Bible says about the creatures turning against humans.
    My Little Brother and I were born and raised on a farm, and from what we saw, few people really know much, if anything about animals.
    As for Our Children, few people care anything for Our Children, and the majority or every person around looks upon any Child with evil intent.
    Keep up the great work,

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    1. Hello Robert. I appreciate you sharing your comments. I do respectfully disagree about people knowingly trying to cover their evil hearts behind animal rights. I think it is good and often just to advocate for the defenseless including animals. But I think many have bought a lie that unborn life is somehow less valuable than even animals and that in the name of one life, the mother’s, it is okay for another to be sacrificed…the child’s. Seniority on earth does not define a person’s value.

      That said I heartily agree that lack of knowledge of God and his Word fosters and furthers their deceit. Thanks again for reading and sharing!


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